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Boxeur Des Rues®, literally “street fighting boxer”. “Boxeur Des Rues” is a brand taking inspiration from “savate”, the French boxing technique that combines elements of the “western boxing” with the martial arts imported at the beginning of the 19th century by the French sailors from the “far east” and Asian ports. These techniques were developed into a fighting style used mainly in street brawls. Later the “savate” moved into underground fight clubs around the dockyards of the most important and toughest port of France: Marseille. As consequence of the huge level of betting, both written and unwritten, fighting rules were defined. From that the name “Boxeur Des Rues”, true sportsmen, but living and born on the streets. Therefore, the brand essence is the fusion of “streetwear” and “sportswear”.



StyleKickboxing, Muay Thai

Shemsi Beqiri was born in Kosovo to Albanian parents. His parents then moved to Switzerland to find work and, when Shemsi was five years old, they sent for him and his brothers. He has lived there ever since.Switzerland shares a border with northern Italy and Beqiri isn’t far from the home town of all-time lightweight great Giorgio Petrosyan. The two are close friends and have trained together numerous times.




“First time I went to a gym, I was 16 years old. I loved it immediately, but I had to stop quickly, as I worked 10 hours by day in factory, and also because my mother didn’t want me to. I came back later at 22 years old, my first fight was in 2006. In 2007, I became part of the WAKO national team of K-1 style. Since this moment, my mother became my first fan… this is THIS… sport for me. My passion.”




Clemente Russo is a boxer, actor, television personality and Italian police. Clemente is amateur world champion Chicago 2007 and Almaty in 2013 and Olympic runner-up in Beijing in 2008 and London 2012. Clemente Russo has participated in three Olympic Games (Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012), five of the world games (Bangkok in 2003, Mianyang in 2005, Chicago in 2007, Milan in 2009, Almaty 2013), three of the Europeans games (Perm 2002 Pula 2004 , Plovdiv 2006), two in the Mediterranean Games (Almeria 2005, Pescara 2009), three of the European Union championships (Cagliari 2005 Pécs 2006, Dublin 2007)




Irma Testa, born in Torre Annunziata, she was the first Italian boxers who participated in the Olympics. It was part of the expedition blue Rio 2016.



StyleFreestyle wrestling, Kickboxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu

Marvin Vettori is an Italian mixed martial arts fighter. He fights in the middleweight division in the UFC US federation. He is the youngest Italian ever to make his debut in history and the fourth Italian fighter to compete in it, after Alessio Sakara, Ivan Serati, Alessio Di Chirico. Early in his career he fought for promotions like UCMMA and Venator FC




Fabio Turchi is an Italian professional boxer in the light heavyweight division. When he was amateur he fought in the heavyweight division. He won the bronze medal at the Junior World Championships 2010 in Baku. He later played in the Summer Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010 and there he won the silver medal. In the elite class it was in 2012 and 2013 Italian Champion. He won in 2013 the Mediterranean Games in Mersin winning in the final against the Croatian Josip Filipi and took a silver medal at the World Military Games 2014 in Almaty. In October 2015, he made his debut as a professional bringing a win against Bosnian Dadovic and later dominated his opponents bringing five KO in a row in as many matches played.



StyleFreestyle wrestling, Kickboxing

Born in Vaprio D’Adda in 1992, Luca “The Ace” Vitali approaches the world of martial arts as a child thanks to karate. In 2009 he began his career in mixed martial arts (MMA - Mixed Martial Arts) under the guidance of maestro Filippo Stabile. Thanks to the teachings of the master, Luca consolidates his skills in various amateur encounters, until his debut as a professional in the world of fighter pro in November 2011 at only nineteen. It was at that time that one of his training partners gave him the nickname "The Ace": the strongest of the group, the ace of the team. Today Luca is one of the most successful MMA fighters in the Italian scene.



A young promise, raised in the Queensberry Boxing Vicenza, to become the standard-bearer of over 100 athletes who attend the gym. A daily journey of continuous training, numerous sacrifices and as many renunciations, has traced a path that measures as many as fifty meetings, fought throughout Italy, but also in the epic squares of Paris and New York. Already regional champion and several times titled, in 2014 he is for the second consecutive year 3rd Italian elite champion. The constant results have attracted the attention of the press and institutions and have multiplied fans and followers who follow and support the boxer. On February 17th 2015, he made his debut in Ferrara as a new professional against one of the pupils of Alessandro Duran, known world champion, winning the warmth and applause from the crowd. In November 2018 it becomes European Supergallo weight champion. Title reconfirmed on 25 April 2019.

Boxeur des rues® is an italian clothing company based on French inspiration. It was founded in 2003 headquartered in Milan, Italy. It is active in design, manufacturing, licensing and marketing of fashion and sports clothing, sporting goods, shoes and accessories.