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Other must-have accessories for your free time? Pouches, cross body bags and belt bags. For both him and her, small and medium-sized 'bags' are perfect for any everyday streetwear outfit. As? Over sweaters or sweatshirts, t-shirts or leather jackets because, as everyone knows, fanny packs and cross body bags are no longer worn around the waist, but must be placed crosswise, strictly with the pocket facing the front, so as to facilitate their use. The goal, in addition to expressing one's style to the fullest, concerns practicality. Furthermore, the gym bags to be used, both for him and for her, for daily or weekly workouts, but also for short trips from one city to another, are inevitable. Finally, what about the keychains? Those who want to be fashionable know that they must leave nothing to chance and so when you take the car or house keys out of your pocket or pouch, you need to have the right accessory so as not to make a bad impression!


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